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September 2008

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Update time...

Hellllllllo (pretty sure i'm only saying hello to me really, as i'm pretty sure no one reads these entries besides me, and also starting to think that this sentence is too long to be in brackets now haha)!

Gosh, look how long that introduction was, never again i tell thee!

So yes, I will start at the fact that i move into my new house on the 1st of July and i am veryyyyyy excited! Will be great not to have to be told to "turn your music down" or "shouldn't you do some work". Don't get me wrong i love my mum to bits and i'll miss that but, i think this is the next step for me to mature and learn how to deal with living on my own so to speak. Yes i'll have 3 friends there but, we'll have to split shopping, all chip in to tidy the house, buy light bulbs haha. It'll be so much fun!

Plus it's really close to my work (which by the by i love) so i'll get my excercise walking there most nights :)

Band is doing well, we keep getting positive feedback everywhere we go and it seems we're crafting a nice tight live set also, which is always good to see! One or two more songs and i think we'll be ready to look at taking it all a bit further, save up for more recordings, we're going to see about recording an EP late this year, hopefully get a van sorted out and maybe get a few tours booked! Someone said they'd be more than happy to book for us, so that's cool!

I walked home today, 2.5 miles :) got a good bit of excercise! Trying to trim up for the summer and future months haha! Starting to get the ever popular "V" line, woopa!

This will do for now, got a bit off my mind!

I wrote a new set of lyrics which i'll work with in a song :

"and i've been down to the bottom of every bottle just to find the message that you sent to me, looking for a way to put this out of my mind, to see this through til the end, til the sun sets and the moon comes to play, so the stars shine brigher than you that day, til the ocean meets the shores with its waves, you were there but not there to stay"

Totally not in any order but when i get in lyric mode i just write what comes into my head and proper study my words, place them in orders, try and tell a story!

I love writing :)

Peace LJ!



Hiiiiiii, how you doing? :)
Awwwn what's up :(

How was Download? It was Download you performed at right?

viva la V lines!