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September 2008

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Was okay, we got told we played well by people i didn't know so, i guess thats a good sign, they didn't have to say it to be nice.

The new song fucked up which was so annoying :( was looking forward to the ending haha!

I'm just slightly worried about our drummer, i just want to know that he is fully commited to the band as sometimes i feel he seems to make things more of an effort than they should be. Like today, he had to sort out bringing a drum kit as we were told we had to get some sorted, so, instead of being like "well okay, i'll sort it out with Nick" he was like "i'm not taking my kit so i guess we aren't playing". It got sorted in the end but i seem to have got the blame for the slightest of hassles. I'm not the fucking drummer, i had to bring all my equipment also!

I just want to know he's in it for the long run and to show a bit more i dunno, focus and determination to the band. It's fair enough he has his own set of friends, nothing against that but, if we want to push this band as far as we can, save for a van, save for more equipment and save for recordings we all need to be in it knowing we're going to go somewhere and put the effort into it all!

It's just sitting down and talking i guess, something which needs to be done soonish!

Besides from that its going well, can't wait to keep promoting and keep pushing so people know about us and we make some sort of reputation for ourselves. All in due time i know, no point in rushing.

So tired, i just needed to write something down.

Night xo